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Title: Plant Industrial Electrician
Location: Gastonia NC
Salary: $25 - 29/hour + overtime
The Plant Industrial Electrician position is responsible for troubleshooting, modifying control systems, and maintaining plant electrical infrastructure. Job requires the skills to actively diagnose electrical systems, control panels, schematics, diagrams and electrical control problems and lead the efforts to repair problems and/or mal-functions while working cooperatively with other employees, management and manufacturers. So it is more involved than fixing or replacing parts on control systems and motors etc. and requires Electrical preventive maintenance and calibration of equipment and systems as important safety components. In addition to responsibilities like Bench testing and programing electric components for repair or installations; this person works to help assure electrical supply inventories, and makes related cost estimates for projects and installations. THIS JOB COULD LEAD TO A SALARIED OPPORTUNITY FOR A HIGHLY QUALIFIED INDIVIDUAL.
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