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Listed below are 3 job openings that Ford & Associates are trying to fill. Please select a job that you are interested in, and click on the “Submit resume” button to contact Ford & Associates!
Title: Textile Facility & Process Engineers
Location: Carolinas, Ala, Georgia, Tenn, VA
Salary: Open to qualifications
We frequently have engineering search assignments from Textile clients seeking experienced Facility, Project, and Process Engineers. If you are interested in a new opportunity, please contact us directly at with your resume for a prompt response.
Title: Textile Supervisors, Department Managers
Location: Carolinas, Georgia, Tenn, Va.
Salary: $45 - 85K DOA
We constantly need textile supervisors for the Carolinas, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia areas. Yarn, Weave,Dye, Finish, and Knitting supervisors and/or department managers are in short supply. If you are interested in a better opportunity, send us your resume direct to for a conversation.
Title: Weave and Knit Technicians
Location: SouthEastern USA
Salary: Depends on experience
We have search assignments for qualified weaving and knit technicians. If you are seeking an opportunity and have these qualifications, we have shift openings in various locations throughout the SouthEast. Send your resume directly to as an attachment.
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