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Listed below are 4 job openings that Ford & Associates are trying to fill. Please select a job that you are interested in, and click on the “Submit resume” button to contact Ford & Associates!
Title: Sr. Cost Accountant
Location: Asheboro, NC
Salary: $80 - 100K range
Position reports directly to CFO who relies heavily on his staff to handle their responsibilities without micro-management. The position is responsible for the accuracy of the inventories in ES, Mexico, DOR and Asheboro, including quantities and dollar values. (with short travels to locations about 3 times/year) Position serves as system expert on costing and inventories within the Now system and supports management in all issues regarding standard costs, providing direction to develop checks and balances to detect errors in transfers, issues, etc. Understand NOW system in depth, serve as system expert relative to costing,cost sheets in support of Sales and Product Development and inventory. Resolve all Material % sales issues on a timely basis and take over review and adjustment of cut off issues at month end. Position serves as primary cost accountant for Asheboro and ES, supporting manufacturing management as expert in expenses and will lead all physical inventory processes, month, quarter and year. Systems/Knowledge requires an expert in NOW System, utilize MAS 90 GL,AP. We feel a textile background would be very helpful.
Title: Continuous Dye Manager
Location: Murfreesboro, NC Vicinity
Salary: $75 - 90K
We represent a client seeking an experienced textile manager with a background in polyester fabrics and pigment dyes and having utilized continuous dye equipment in dye processing operations. We strongly prefer experience at the Department Head Level or higher, to bring both good leadership, communication, and technical knowledge this position merits. This is a strong growing product mix and company and the plant operates on a 5 day, 3 shift basis. Please send your resume direct to as an attachment for immediate response. This position is not open to VISA sponsorship.
Title: Technician, Controls & Instrumentation
Location: Laurinburg, NC area
Salary: Open to qualifications
We are seeking an experienced instrumentation technician with strong controls, instrumentation skills, including PLC programming and ladder logic. A technician background in manufacturing applying preventive maintenance to electrical controls and instrumentation within automated, high speed processes will be ideal. This position is different from that of a plant electrician in that it is focused on automated instrumentation and control of processes and sensors that control and maintain the running conditions of equipment. We'd like Candidates that also have multi-craft skills but the emphasis is in strong electronics, controls, and PLC areas to assist in improving and preventing production and quality issues within the manufacturing cycles. Advancement through training programs for growth and additional earnings is possible. Excellent working environment and company stability with a very competitive salary. This is a good career opportunity! Note that this position is not open to VISA sponsorship.
Title: Experienced weavers & loom technicians
Location: South Hill, Henderson NC area
Salary: Hourly + Sign on Bonus
We are seeking experienced weavers & loom technicians for expanded operations within a state of the art weaving plant located in South Hill Va. Top pay provided and a sign on bonus is available for the qualified individual.
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